The Pornstar Martini

The Pornstar Martini is a popular cocktail known for its sweet and fruity flavors, with a hint of vanilla and a touch of citrus. It’s typically served with a side shot of sparkling wine or champagne. Here’s a classic recipe for a Pornstar Martini:


2 oz vanilla vodka
1 oz passion fruit puree or juice
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
1/2 oz simple syrup
1/2 oz passion fruit liqueur (such as PassoΓ£)
Champagne or sparkling wine, to serve on the side
Fresh passion fruit or an orange twist for garnish (optional)

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.

Add the vanilla vodka, passion fruit puree or juice, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and passion fruit liqueur to the shaker.

Shake the ingredients vigorously for about 15-20 seconds to chill the mixture and blend the flavors.

Strain the cocktail into a chilled martini glass.

If using fresh passion fruit, cut it in half and scoop out the pulp. Place the passion fruit pulp or an orange twist on the rim of the glass as garnish.

Serve the Pornstar Martini immediately with a side shot of champagne or sparkling wine.

To enjoy the cocktail, sip the Pornstar Martini first and follow it with a sip of the champagne or sparkling wine as a palate cleanser.

Enjoy your delicious Pornstar Martini!

This cocktail is perfect for special occasions or for anyone who enjoys a sweet and fruity drink with a touch of elegance. Adjust the sweetness by adding more or less simple syrup according to your taste preferences. Cheers!

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